Thursday, May 18, 2006

Building A Mystery

I love a good intrigue. It excites me to hear about the secret lives of people I know. I love knowing little things that I'm not supposed to. It's harmless really, just like reading a favorite fictional novel. It's more than gossip, it's an insight into people's lives. We all have to admit that our ears perk up when we hear about someone spotting a shy friend coming out of a kareoke bar, or two friends of ours at a restaurant together looking cozy. It makes us think there is some spontaneity and romance in our real lives and that things really do happen unexpectedly.

Usually, I hate being out of control. I hate things popping up in my own life out of the ordinary. I need to know what's going on around me at all times so that I can prevent something awful before it happens. But these little intrigues make life so much more interesting, and it's even better if the people we share our little secrets with are special to us. Is it the dark part of mysteries that appeals to us? The shrouded veil of secrecy that makes us think of midnight meetings and ancient symbols and voodoo dolls makes us drunk with the idea of being chosen to know.

This weekend I went with a few close friends to watch "The DaVinci Code" I had read the book, but a friend of mine hadn't. When the plot of the movie was being revealed he leaned over to us in the darkness and whispered "Can you guys believe this?" Later, over slurpy milkshakes I watched my friends debate the mysteries of the book and movie with wide eyed enthusiasm, with so much vigor it was as if they were unraveling the very secrets of the universe. Despite the fact that millions of people around the world had already seen it, their voices were hushed, as if the cheerleaders at the next table would arrest them for treason, or steal the sacred treasure of knowledge from us.

Why are we so intent on discovering secrets? Why do we love pulling the puzzles of our worlds apart, for better or worse? In an aha! moment I realized that the time we feel most at peace with ourselves is if we're honest , even if that honesty leads to disillusionment or loss. Sometimes it's only by feeling those things that we discover the beauty in the real world. So we pull apart those secrets, unveil what is real, tear at the lies, until all we're left with is truth. At least for now.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Alexandra S said...

I think its because most of us need some intrigue and drama in our lives just the way our hearts need the color red. I saw this movie this week too. I had no idea what it was about beforehand and even though I found the movie sortof silly, I still managed to stay in my seat and need to know what would happen.!

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Laini Taylor said...

I really love this post -- I LOVE the phrase "makes us drunk with the idea of being chosen to know" -- I want to write it down somewhere, with the mysterious attribution of "fern leaf" -- your identity another secret! I'm with you on the lure of secrets and mysteries. I've often wanted to write about the idea of being a fiction reader and how it accustoms you to expect secrets to be unveiled in time, before the close of the book... but in life... it isn't so! Sometimes I wish life were more like fiction, with that certainty of discovery if you just keep reading.

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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